Hair Restoration

Although hair loss and thinning hair can be signs of aging, they are by no means the end of the world. The possibilities of corrective treatments and techniques have been significantly improved to achieve spectacular and natural results. Our hair restoration clinic offers state-of-the-art solutions for hair loss, be it in the temple or frontal area, vertex or mid-scalp, as well as eyebrow thinning due to age. We use micrograft hair transplants that include both FUE and FUT techniques. In this procedure, hair is taken from a place where the patient will never lose it and transplanted into the lost areas. Our modern and carefully coordinated procedures guarantee natural results. The history of hair transplant surgery dates back to the first descriptions by the American doctor Norman Orentreich in 1959. Initially used grafts had a relatively large diameter of 4-5 mm, resulting in unnatural and aesthetically unsatisfactory results. The introduction of the microhair transplant technique in 1981 by Finnish surgeon Rolf Nordstr√∂m significantly improved aesthetic results. Today’s modern techniques of hair transplantation were particularly influenced by the description of the hair follicle units by the doctor Dr. John Headington further developed it in 1984.